Hematite Polished Forms



Grade A, Large Hematite Polished Form

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Grounding * Connect With The Powers Of The Earth *Works Well With Base Chakra * Balancing & Calming * Detoxifying * Protective * Protects From Environmental & Electromagnetic Stress * Brings Clarity * Increases Concentration And Memory

This Grade A Hematite has been part polished to show the stones beautiful attributes and is perfectly made to place in any environment.  This piece one of a kind is truly remarkable and will add grounding glamour to any space.

Hematite is the ultimate grounding tool which connects you to the power of the earth. 

It is a go-to when you need to calm yourself through troubled times, or are having trouble focusing, have tendencies of overindulgence, obsessions and addictions. This amazing stone holds strong properties to bring your mind, spirit and energy back to earth.  This silver treasure will also help to catch any negative energy flying around and protect your aura.  

Length: 10 x Width: 7.5 cm, Approx
Weight: 646 Grams

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Happy Motives Promise: Rest assured when you purchase a Happy Motives product it will be of the highest quality,  we only purchase our products from the finest suppliers and manufacturers.  Each product has been checked comprehensively by our quality control team to ensure the best of the best is permitted to be branded with the Happy Motives stamp. 

However with this being said please remember crystals, minerals and our ritual bundles come from nature, therefore they will have a few natural imperfections.  They can vary in colour, shape, size and pattern which we feel adds to their unique beauty, this is a natural process and is not a fault.  These items are cleansed and energetically charged before dispatch.

The Happy Motives family sincerely hope that anyone who uses our products or services is impacted in a positive way. 

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