How Can The Hematite Change Your Life

Grounding * Connect With The Powers Of The Earth * Works Well With Base Chakra * Balancing & Calming * Detoxifying * Protective * Protects From Environmental & Electromagnetic Stress * Brings Clarity * Increases Concentration And Memory

Hematite is the ultimate grounding tool which connects you to the power of the earth. 

It is a go-to when you need to calm yourself through troubled times, or are having trouble focusing, have tendencies of overindulgence, obsessions and addictions. This amazing stone holds strong properties to bring your mind, spirit and energy back to earth.  This silver treasure will also help to catch any negative energy flying around and protect your aura.

We all get overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and tense at times.  Some days it is hard to get out of our heads, the negative thoughts seem to be on replay and we are unable to find the stop button.  Certain events and situations can be hard on us and it can all come crashing down making us feel as though it is all falling apart.  Throughout our time we can end up having habits and addictions which are not good for us, overindulge in them, let them take over and find it hard to live a balanced life.  This leads us to lose self-esteem, our willpower takes a hit and our confidence goes out the window.  This is when Hematite can help, Hematite is your stop button.

Hematite works in a wondrous way and I do recommend keeping one with you at all times.  Its amazing earthly energies help you become centred again and brings back long-desired balance by connecting you to the earth.  It helps you overcome your addictions and provides solace during troubled times.  Once you are grounded a sense of clarity will return and you are able to resolve issues with a clear head, imagine what you can accomplish during the day feeling like this.  With a clear head you concentrate on your goals and your wants, you will start recognising and connecting to all situations to bring your wants into reality.  The Hematite is also a great mental stone, it helps to increase your concentration and memory.

These stones do not like their environment to be affected in any way and work hard at clearing their environment from electromagnetic and environmental stress.

If you are unable to keep a Hematite with you during the day fear not, keeping one in your space will also do wonders.  The perfect way would be to keep one near your bed or place under your pillow or bed.  Whilst you sleep the stone will work to ground, balance and centre you.

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October 26, 2019 — Happy Motives

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