Fluorite Rainbow Point



Fluorite Rainbow Point

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Bring Order To Chaos * Natural Cleanser Of The Environment * Highly Protective * Stone Of Intuition * The Genius Stone * Helps With Mental Illness/Disorders * Brings Balance And Reorganizes Anything Out Of Balance To The Physical And Mental Body

This Grade A Rainbow Fluorite has been bought to you all the way from Mexico.  It carries an internal structure of stability which vibrates with the human mind, unlike any other crystal.  Wherever you choose to place this Fluorite it will radiate its energies in the most wondrous way, especially in meditation, when studying, working or in your living area where you need to cleanse the energy. 

Fluorite is commonly called the Genius Stone.  By helping both hemispheres of the brain to work in harmony, it helps link what you already know with what is being learned.

In addition, fluorite is a highly protective stone, used commonly to absorb negative energy from the environment and protect your auric field and mental influences, including psychic manipulation. 

Fluorite cleanses your entire auric field and organizes anything within your physical and mental body which is not in alignment.  

Height: 4.4 x Width: 1.8 cm, Approx
Country Of Origin: Mexico

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However with this being said please remember crystals, minerals and our ritual bundles come from nature, therefore, they will have a few natural imperfections.  They can vary in colour, shape, size and pattern which we feel adds to their unique beauty, this is a natural process and is not a fault.  These items are cleansed and energetically charged before dispatch.

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