* Bring Order To Chaos * Natural Cleanser Of The Environment * Highly Protective * Stone Of Intuition * The Genius Stone * Helps With Mental Illness/Disorders * Brings Balance And Reorganises Anything Out Of Balance To The Physical And Mental Body

Fluorite carries an internal structure of stability with its impeccable cubic formation which vibrates with the human mind unlike any other crystal.
Fluorite is commonly called the Genius Stone.  By helping both hemispheres of the brain to work in harmony, it helps link what you already know with what is being learned. The stone helps you process information, increase concentration and focus on the task at hand making it an excellent learning aid.
Fluorite is an exceptionally calming and purifying stone, its abilities will have you absorbing new information with ease and bringing order to chaos.  It will calm your feelings of anxiety, stress and being overwhelmed from the mind and body.
Fluorite helps to bring suppressed feelings to the surface, providing clarity on situations for what they truly are and have you looking at circumstances objectively. Fluorite will help break down behavioural patterns and ideas which are no longer working for you, it will also bring you out of a mental rut and inspire your creativity.
Being a stone of the mind, Fluorite can help with mental disorders. Keep the fluorite within your aura for as long as possible and let it work to bring balance and harmony.

This extraordinary stone is one which likes to keep it's surroundings clean, cleansing the environment from geographic and electromagnetic stress, therefore, keep this stone near you when you are using electrical equipment. 

This highly protective stone also absorbs negative energy from the environment to protect your auric field and mental influence, including psychic manipulation. If you are one who suffers from nightmares Fluorite will protect you, keep one under the pillow or your nightstand.

Being a perfect mind companion when used with your Crown and Third Eye Chakra, the fluorite enhances intuition and helps with spiritual awakening. It is known to help communication with spirit guides, angels and nature spirits.  When used in meditation it can help you to connect with higher realities and of course bring calm to those running thoughts so you are able to sit still and delve into your meditation.
The Happy Motives family sincerely hopes that anyone who uses our products or services is impacted in a positive way.
November 15, 2019 — Happy Motives

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