Mental Clarity * Peaceful Sleep * Inner Calm * Helps Connect To Angelic Energies * Purify The Heart * Works Well With Upper Chakras – Third Eye & Throat Chakra 

Celestite is a stone that will help you in your spiritual journey, it is a high vibration stone known to carry divine energies. When used with the Third Eye Chakra the Celestite will help you connect with the universe, aiding you to trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine.

Celestite is a beautiful stone which lets off subtle but powerful energies.  It is known to cleanse its environment and your aura of any negative vibes by softly radiating positive energy.  This stone will work in every area of your home but to really make use of its darling qualities I would recommend placing it in an area that you feel may need an injection of some positive energy and where you need some peace.

The Celestite makes for the perfect bedside companion, it not only helps with dream recall but also helps to quieten the mind by bringing a great deal of calmness and harmony to you, which is what we all need for good night sleep.  It is also an ideal stone to keep in your meditation area, so again you can say goodbye to all those overwhelming racing thoughts.  I personally like to keep one in my office, there is always so much to do that at times I can get overwhelmed with the many lists and tasks of the day, however, my beloved Celestite brings my calm and makes it feel like it is all falling into place and the nights I have trouble sleeping, I take it to my bedroom.

Celestite is a stone that is so precious and pure, just by gazing at it, it will make you feel all kinds of happy.  It is a stone that is known to calm a chaotic mind, if you are one who suffers from anxiety, panic attacks and lets fears and suspicions take over then keep a Celestite near you as it will assist you by instilling some focus and clarity in you.  It is a tranquil stone, bringing you peace in any situation whilst purifying your heart.
Due to the Celestites peaceful abilities it will help bring resolution and harmony at times of conflict weather that be at work or with family and friends by promoting peaceful discussions.

If you are meditating with this wonder of the earth it will assist you in getting into your meditative state with ease and enable you to completely submerge into peace.  In meditation or not the Celestite is a stone of heavenly communication, it can connect you to the angelic realm enabling you to call upon your guardian angels or an angelic presence for guidance or healing.

If you are one who travels out of body or has clairvoyant abilities the Celestite is one to keep near as it will heighten your abilities.

One thing to remember, if you have bought a Celestite home keep in mind that it is sensitive to heat, if left out in the sun or even a hot lamp it will fade.

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November 16, 2019 — Happy Motives

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