Abundance * Inspiration * Energiser * Solar Plexus

This stunning stone is like a piece of art, when in the light it will show you its sparkly golden beauty.

Pyrite is also referred to as Fools Gold at times but believe me there is nothing foolish about these rocks.
Master your fears, banish negative influences, get your willpower back, take action, wear your creative cloak with pride, manifest to your heart desires, own your confidence, get that promotion, and make that business deal.  Yes, your pyrite will bring out all these qualities in you.  Excited?  I am excited for you.  This stone comes with amazing properties and will eagerly radiate these energies once it is in your presence.

Pyrite is a very strong and positive stone to keep within your aura, home or workspace.  Pyrite helps activate and balance the solar plexus chakra, this is where your confidence, courage and will power sit. When this chakra is functioning well you will start gaining mental clarity and attract abundance in ways which you may have been blocked to you previously.  It will impart new ways of thinking, encourage confidence in you to take action on new, old and wise ideas, help you to take courage in letting go of what no longer is serving you and it will feed your ambition.  It will help you to release those pesky fears that may have stopped you taking action previously and allow you to accept new opportunities.

The word Pyrite comes from the Greek word Pry which means fire, Pyrite has strong masculine energy.  It will bring out the fighter in you and no task or intention will be too big for you to conquer.  Pyrite increase the oxygen supply to the blood, increases blood flow to the brain and strengthens the circulatory system, it is a natural energiser.  If you are ready to receive all you ever wanted, reach for the Pyrite and allow its energies to assist you in becoming who you were meant to be before the fear took over.

In business think of the Pyrite as your Business Development Manager, in finance think of the Pyrite as your Financial Adviser, in life think of it has your Life Coach.  It truly is the stone of abundance and is known for its wise abilities to help you reach for your goals.

To use the pyrite, I would recommend keeping a tumblestone or pendant within your aura for as long as possible during the day, place one under your pillow, keep a lovely cluster on your work desk or place one in the wealth corner of your home.  
Wherever you choose to place it, it will work wonders for you.  However, remember to programme your Pyrite, like all advisors it needs to know what you are seeking so it can align you with those tools.  I hope you enjoy the Pyrite.

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November 15, 2019 — Happy Motives

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