Rose Quartz Pendant



Rose Quartz Pendant, Set in Sterling Silver 

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Unconditional Love * Inner Healing * Loving Feels * Self Love & Self Worth * Learn To Forgive Yourself & Let Go Of Guilt * Inner Peace & Happiness

This stone is truly the master of love. Light up your heart and get ready to immerse yourself in pure, deep, unconditional, unlimited LOVE.

Wear this Rose Quartz over your heart chakra and let the love flow.

Nothing outside of you will be of any value if you do not have inner peace and happiness, our dear friend Rose Quartz will help you to reawaken your heart and promote self-love.

Rose Quartz is not only a master of love but it is also the finest healer.  It will help in times of grief, ease stress and help in letting go of negative emotions.  It will teach you how to forgive yourself, others and free you of guilt. 

Like a moth to a flame, rose quartz helps attract love. Whether you are seeking romantic love, love from family or friends ask aunty rose quartz to help, she will not let you down.

If you are seeking harmony or need to re-establish trust and love in your current relationships bring this stone home.  It will ever so gently transform negative vibrations and fill your space with positive loving vibes.  I mean with all these powers rose quartz is a must for any home.

This Rose Quartz will work wonders in any part of the home but to truly reap Aunty Rose’s benefits I would keep her either in your bedroom or family room all dependant on how you choose to help her assist you.

Affirmation:  I Am Love, I Am Worthy

2.9 x 1.6 cm, Approx

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