Outdoor/Indoor Ivory Water Fountain With LED Lighting



Outdoor/Indoor Ivory Water Fountain With LED Lighting

Create a harmonious vibe in your space with this beautifully crafted ivory water fountain.  Strong and durable to withstand the outdoors and gentle enough for the indoors.  This piece will certainly be the focal point of any space whilst creating a tranquil ambience with its soft lighting and soothing sounds.

This fountain is created to make a beneficial difference in your life, the gentle flow of running water is the perfect background noise for any time of day and space

There are so many different claims to why we humans enjoy the sound of water.  Experts claim the sound of running water increases our levels of serotonin which is a feel-good hormone.  The sound of water makes us feel safe and relaxed.  Some even say it has a connection to when we were in the womb contained by a sea of fluid.

Have you ever observed moving water? It is truly captivating.  Next time you are near the ocean, river, waterfall, under the shower or even lying in the bath with the tap running pay attention to the sound of the water and how your mood slowly uplifts and changes. 

More so today we need to incorporate natural sounds into our environment.  Our society has become disconnected from nature and we are surrounded by unnatural sounds all day long.  Bring nature home with this fountain and let your feel-good hormones flow with the running water.

Water fountains are known for excellent Feng Shui cures.  Placing a water feature near your front door can do wonders to balance the energy in your home. In Feng Shui water represents wealth and abundance, therefore, having a water fountain near your front door welcomes an abundance of wealth into your home.  But do not restrict yourself, the first rule of Feng Shui is do what feels right to you.  This water fountain will work in any place in your home.  This topic is vast, but don’t threat, I will create a blog shortly discussing all the do’s, don’ts and maybes. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the therapeutic effects of this water fountain.

Height: 37 x Width: 24 x Depth: 19 cm, Approx
Weight: 2.05kg

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