Antique Gold Open Winged Angel Tealight Holder



Antique Gold Open Winged Angel Tealight Holder

We are absolutely in love with these angel wing tealights holders, they surely will add a unique charm to your home. 

Birthday cakes, anniversary markings, candlelit dinners all begin with a candle.  Lighting a candle illuminates darkness and symbolizes bringing of light to our hopes, dreams and intentions.  Therefore, many cultures from all corners of the world incorporate the lighting of candles in their rituals

Include this angel wing tealight holder in your own personalised ritual to remind you that your angels will always assist you in bringing light to all your aspirations.  Or simply place them around the house and use them for your keepsakes so no matter where you are your angels will always be around you.  All you must do is call upon them.

Height: 25.5cm x Depth: 15cm x Length: 29cm
Weight: 1KG
Colour: Gold

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