Tiger Eye 108 Mala Bead



Grade AA, 108 Bead Tiger Eye Mala

Protection * Prosperity * Clarity * Will-Power * Optimism * Third Eye Chakra * Sacral Chakra * Solar Plexus Chakra

This is one of my favourite stones, its strong glimmering golden and brown shades combine the protective energies of the earth and the sun making it a high vibrational stone. 

Tiger Eye is known to bring happiness, optimism, abundance, good luck and prosperity to the wearer and helps manifest intents.  It is also known for its grounding abilities and was worn most commonly as a protective talisman against bad luck, ill-wishes, curses and negativity especially whilst on the move.

This Mala Consists of 108 High-Grade Tiger Eye Beads Plus 1 Tiger Eye Guru Bead 
Bead Size: 0.7cm
Length 39 cm, With Tassels 46 cm, Weight 64 Grams

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