Three Legged Gold Money Toad



Three Legged Gold Money Toad

Show Me The Moneyyyyyy!

A three-legged money frog is also known as a money toad, wealth frog, lucky frog and Chan Chu.  It is a symbol of prosperity within the Chinese wealth symbols.  Our Frog has all the attributes needed to be the ultimate wealth energizer.   It sits on a pile of treasure made up of gold coins and ingots, with red eyes and 7 red diamantes decorated on the back representing the Ursa Major, the 7 northern red stars.  In addition, the frog is holding the Ching dynasty coin in its mouth. 

Place this beauty where you would like to attract the riches.  Legend has it this golden frog will work best in either the living room, study room, near the cash register or diagonally opposite to the entrance door and of course the money area of your home.  However, the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are a no-no.

Height:  7.5 x Width: 9.5 x Depth: 10 cm, Approx
Weight:  293 - 329 Grams
Colour/Material: Gold Resin

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