Stairs to Success Sculpture



You Can’t Climb To The Top If You Don’t Start At The Bottom

Our brilliant sculpture is a trendy symbol for the slogan stairs of success.  There are many steps you may have to take when working on your goals and these steps will come with many challenges.  Some steps you will achieve with ease and some you will achieve with great difficulty but whatever you do, don’t stop climbing those steps!   This piece will surely add inspiration to any room and work as a gentle reminder that everyone struggles at some point and they may even have to crawl to the next step.   

Richard Branson states, “Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people they associate with. In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.”  What will make you happy? Having your own business, getting that promotion, buying a one-way ticket to the Maldives, having five children, purchasing your dream car, dedicating your life to helping others?  We all have our own definition of success and we all must begin somewhere to reach them.  The first step is always the hardest climb, but once you take that step you are on the road to a better life and remember what our good friend Napoleon Hill said, ‘The stairs of success are never crowded at the top’.

Height: 45 x Width: 32 x Depth: 7 cm, Approx
Colour: Bronze/Stone

Material: Poly Resin

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