Silver Earth Touching Lotus Buddha Meditating On A Log



Bhumisparsha Mudra - Earth Touching Pose

Welcome tranquillity into your home with this unique piece. 

This stunning Buddha meditating on driftwood will surely create a sense of serenity in your home.  Some days are harder than others and those are the days we need to find our inner strength.  A Buddha statue not only represents the physical appearance of Buddha but is also a symbol of his teachings. 

The Earth Touching Pose is maybe one of the most significant in the teachings of Buddhism.  Buddha found enlightenment whilst meditating under a Bodhi tree sitting in this position.  Legend has is it Buddha sat all night under the tree meditating and Mara (a demon) tried to discourage the buddha from reaching enlightenment and tried to stop him with temptations and fear.  However, the Buddha did not leave his state of meditation and prevailed.  This angered Mara even more and he tried to claim the seat of enlightenment for himself with his army shouting in unison we are mara’s witness he is the enlightened one.  Mara asked Buddha who will speak for you?  At that point, Buddha placed his right hand on the earth.  The earth roared, ‘I bear you witness’.  Hearing the earth roar Mara disappeared.  The Buddha rose from his meditative state in the morning as the awakened one.

I hope whenever you look upon this stunning ornament you also remember you can conquer any given day.

Height: 62 x Width: 80 x Depth: 11.5cm
Weight: 6.5kg
Material: Ceramic

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