Silver & Copper Anjali Mudra Lotus Buddha



Silver & Copper Anjali Mudra Lotus Buddha

Many Feng Shui experts state having a Buddha in your home can create positive energy.  This beautiful Buddha seated in a lotus position will bring serenity to all your surroundings no matter where you choose to place it. 

Anjali Mudra posture is timeless and universal.  Some use the pose in yoga, to pray, meditate and others especially in the Asian culture to greet one another.  It is formed by bringing your hands up to your heart, placing your palms together and placing your thumbs on your breastbone (reflex point of the vagus nerve).

Many have translated the Anjali Mudra greeting to mean “The divine in me bows to the divine in you.” 

This piece is made from ceramic and finished with silver and copper, detailed to a high finish

Height: 65 x Width: 40 x Depth: 27.5 cm, Approx
Weight: 5.6kg

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