Selenite Polished Wands



Selenite Polished Wands

Brings Clarity * Opens Crown & Higher Chakras * Bring Peace & Tranquillity * Prevention From External Influences Affecting Mind & Space * Clear Aura * Cleanse & Charge Crystals * Fertility & Pregnancy Stone * Assists With Meditation And Spiritual Work

These perfectly polished, rounded wands are not only a must to hold during meditation but to give your aura an energetic cleanse. You may have seen selenite wands in every crystal lover’s collection and there is a reason why.  Using a wand on your aura is similar to brushing your hair and getting the knots out. How silky, smooth and neat does your hair feel after brushing?  Using a selenite wand on your aura leaves you with the same feeling by energetically cleansing you, detaching entities and external thought forms from influencing your mind.  Honestly give it a try and feel the pure vibrations of the selenite clear you.  Theses wands are also good to use in healing body layouts and building energy grids in your home.

Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.  Like the moon Selenite shines a bright light into any space it resides in, bringing profound peace into its environment.  A home is not complete without some Selenite. 

Selenite has amazing properties, it is able to clear your aura, provide mental clarity, activate your higher chakras and assist you completely in your spiritual journey.

Length: 14.9 x Width: 1.8cm, Approx
Weight: 84 Grams, Approx 

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Happy Motives Promise: Rest assured when you purchase a Happy Motives product it will be of the highest quality, we only purchase our products from the finest suppliers and manufacturers. Each product has been checked comprehensively by our quality control team to ensure the best of the best is permitted to be branded with the Happy Motives stamp. 

With this being said please remember crystals, minerals and our ritual bundles come from nature therefore they will have a few natural imperfections. Each item can vary in colour, shape, size and pattern which we feel adds to their unique beauty, this is a natural process and is not a fault.  These items are cleansed and energetically charged before dispatch.

The Happy Motives family sincerely hopes that anyone who uses our products or services is impacted in a positive way.

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