Girasol Quartz Tumblestone



Girasol Quartz Tumblestone 

Communication * Visualization *Clarity

Girasol comes from the Italian word meaning ‘turn toward the sun’.  If you find yourself drawn to this crystal you may need help communicating what you find hard to express. Girasol aids in bringing clarity of your true feelings.  It will help you to remain calm when you are stressed so you are able to think and see things clearly before acting in haste.

If you have been feeling depleted and need a lift then carry this tumblestone with you, it will help bring back your motivation and help release creative and mental blocks.  Girasol Quartz’s energy is soft but effective, it brings feelings of happiness and helps you feel optimistic.

The Girasol Quartz is known to mirror your feelings helping with visualization and imagination making it a great stone to work with during manifestation rituals.  Girasol Quartz works best when it is in your auric field, I would recommend carry a cleansed, programmed Girasol Quartz with you when you are in need of its support.

2 to 3.5 cm, Approx

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