Milky/Snow Quartz Tumblestone



Milky Quartz/Snow Quartz Tumblestone 

Inner Wisdom * Meditation * Comforter

If you are drawn to a Milky Quartz maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities which you need to let go of or you may find yourself in situations which no longer serve you and are limiting you in one way or another.  The Milky Quartz will assist you in overcoming these limitations and will provide support in letting go of the overwhelming responsibilities.  The Milky Quartz will help you to think before you speak and if you are one who seems to always find yourself in a state of victimhood or martyrdom, the Milky Quartz will help you overcome these traits.  If you use these stones in meditation they will help unlock deep inner wisdom that you may have denied yourself of previously.

To use these little wonders programme them and either place them where you most often sit or carry them with you to remind yourself of why you were attracted to them in the first place, let them help you align with the tools you need to help you with your intention.  If you are to use them in meditation I would suggest holding one in each hand and letting them take you to where ever you need to go.

2 to 3.5 cm, Approx 

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