Clear Quartz Double Terminated Pendants



Clear Quartz Wire Wrap Double Terminated Pendants 

Manifest * Amplifier * Healer

I call the Clear Quartz the mother of all stones, however, it is commonly known as the master of stones or the stone of power and rightly so!

If you want a truly dynamic crystal collection make sure you have clear quartz.  Find the perfect one, bring it home, treat it right and it will not only become your best friend but will buddy with every other crystal you have. 

Clear Quartz Double Terminated Pendants are great to wear. This double-directional pendant is worn with one point facing up and the other down, this will transmit energy in both directions allowing the energy of the Clear Quartz to flow between your chakras which will not only help to unclog any blocked chakras but will also balance the energy within.  

The crown chakra seems to benefit most from the clear quartz.  The crown chakra is located at the top of our head, if this chakra is in balance, we are in balance.  It will give you a clear head providing clarity and expand your consciousness connecting you to the source of your spirituality.  

The clear quartz is most commonly used to amplify your intentions and energies.  Once you have programmed your clear quartz it will put out your intentions into the universe throughout the day.  It is the ultimate tool to use for manifesting your heart's desires. Your Double Terminated Clear Quartz pendant will work as a constant reminder of the intentions you have programmed your Clear Quartz with and help you to align with the tools you need to manifest your intentions and filling your aura with the white light of your  Clear Quartz.   

But remember with great power comes great responsibility.  You must remember to cleanse the stone regularly, it is highly receptive and can pick up nasties which you, of course, do not want to be radiated or amplified.  

Length 4 to 4.4 x Width: 1 cm, Approx 

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