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Mental Clarity * Peaceful Sleep * Inner Calm * Helps Connect To Angelic Energies * Purify The Heart * Works Well With Upper Chakras – Third Eye & Throat Chakra 

Our dazzling Grade A Celestite has travelled all the way from Madagascar to bring you heaven on earth.  These natural stunning blue beauties in cluster form, work to radiate their positive energy in all directions.  Celestite is a stone that will help you in your spiritual journey, it is a high vibration stone known to carry divine energies.  It is also a stone of peace and will help purify your heart.  

Celestite is a beautiful stone which lets off subtle but powerful energies.  It is known to cleanse its environment and your aura of any negative vibes by softly radiating positive energy.  This stone will work in every area of your home but to really make use of its darling qualities I would recommend placing it in an area that you feel may need an injection of some positive energy and where you need some peace. 

It is a stone that is so precious and pure, just by gazing at it, it will make you feel all kinds of happy.  It is a stone that is known to calm a chaotic mind. 

Length: 6.1 x Width: 4.7 x Height: 4 cm, Approx

Weight: 186 Grams
Country Of Origin: Madagascar

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Happy Motives Promise:  Rest assured when you purchase a Happy Motive product it will be of the highest quality, we only purchase our products from the finest suppliers and manufacturers, each product has been checked comprehensively by our quality control team to ensure the best of the best is permitted to be branded with the Happy Motives stamp. 

However with this being said please remember crystals, minerals and our ritual bundles come from nature, therefore, they will have a few natural imperfections.  Each item can vary in colour, shape, size and pattern which we feel adds to their unique beauty, this is a natural process and is not a fault.  These items are cleansed and energetically charged before dispatch.

The Happy Motives family sincerely hopes that anyone who uses our products or services is impacted in a positive way.

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