Zen Garden - Buddha In A Boat



Zen Garden

Pause. Breathe. Realign.

No matter where you are you can acquire tranquillity with our desktop zen gardens.  Not only are these zen gardens great to keep at your work desk if you need to take a mindful break but they will also enrich your existing home décor and act as reminder, mindfulness should be practised throughout the day.

Zen gardens help increase your meditation and mindfulness practice.  They are also a wonderful means to calm and relax your mind to escape the stress of everyday life.  We are not claiming a zen garden will make you a master meditator or take away all your woes and worries but it will work as a great distraction from your troubles if even for a few minutes.

Our zen garden comes with stones which represent mountains or islands, sand which represents water, a rake, tealight holder and a Buddha.  By combing the sand and placing the stones you can start quieting the mind and begin to mindfully tend to the garden.  You can add your own charms however whichever items you do choose to add make sure they promote calming and relaxing vibes.  Traditional Zen gardens don’t include plants or water features therefore you do not need to worry about watering or trimming your garden so that’s one less stress to worry about.

All the pieces are packaged separately, ready to be individually placed so you can personalise your garden.  

x1 Base || x1 Buddha || x1 Bag of white sand || x1 Rake || x1 Green Lotus || x1 Bag of assorted Pebbles || x1 Stone tea light holder

Width: 34 x Height: 13 x Depth: 13 cm, Approx 
Weight:  1191 Grams

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