My home, office, car and pockets are full of this Black Beauty.  Wherever you go, sleep, rest, work and play make sure you have Black Tourmaline with you.  Whilst there are many stones with protective abilities, the Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone to protect and cleanse you without being too intense protecting from all that is undesirable and that leaves you feeling icky.  It is known to remove blockages, to deflect and dissolve negative energy from your auric field and environment.

Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone to use for all types of cleansing and protecting work.  Black Tourmaline forms a protective shield around your body protecting your energy field from all types of negative vibrations whilst purifying and detoxifying you.

Known to lighten your vibes from dense energy, the Black Tourmaline balances the right and left brain hemispheres clearing negative thoughts whilst encouraging a positive attitude regardless of your situation. It is excellent to help with your fears, addictions, emotional stability and giving you back your long lost confidence. 

The Black Tourmaline is also the perfect stone to balance and connect all your chakras, however it is commonly used with your base chakra if you are using the stone to ground yourself.

Like you cleanse yourself in the shower every day with soap, use the Black Tourmaline to give your auric field and soul a daily cleanse.  It will leave your chakras and aura squeaky clean.

Wearing this black charm will keep you protected all day long from evil, nasty vibes, ill-wishers and anyone or anything you feel is an energy vampire.  Keeping this Black Beauty in your environment will protect your space from undesirables and having it near your electronics will ensure you are protected from electromagnetic smog.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and feeling icky using the Black Tourmaline in a body layout is similar to having a long bath.  Place the pieces near your feet with the points facing towards your toes or away from your body and visualise all that no longer serves you leaving your body.

The Black Tourmaline soaks in all the negatives, therefore you have to be sure to cleanse and clear this stone regularly to ensure it works at its best.

Happy Motives Black Tourmaline Collection 

The Happy Motives family sincerely hopes that anyone who uses our products or services is impacted in a positive way.  

October 25, 2019 — Happy Motives

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