Protector Against Outside Influences * Purifier Against Environmental & Electromagnetic Smog * Aligns Chakras, Especially Throat & Third Eye Chakra * Brings Inner Calm

Turquoise is possibly one of the oldest known stones.  There is a saying that when you have a Turquoise you won’t want for a friend and boy does this statement carry some truth.  Turquoise is one of the best friends you can truly have.  Turquoise is best received as a gift so if you are purchasing this for yourself, let be with an intention as a gift for yourself.

Traditionally Turquoise was used by soldiers to protect them against injuries and falls, it is said to protect you and your possessions when travelling.  Not only does it protect you from harm from outside influences when worn as an amulet but it is also known as a buffer stone helping you to deal with the hard knocks of life.

It has amazing purifying qualities, protecting you and clearing your surroundings from electronic fog and pollutants.  It is known to change colour to warn you of the danger of infidelity, it is also a great healing stone teaching you that what you do in every given moment makes your fate. 

If you suffer from depression it will help by bringing you inner calm, stabilizing your mood swings and help you let go of any self-sabotaging traits.  It helps align your chakras but works especially well when used with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra.  Turquoise is known as the stone of truth, helping you to speak your soul’s inner truth. It will teach you to express yourself and remind you that what you know and have to say are just as important.  When used with the Third Eye it is known to boost intuition and aid with meditation.  When used in pray or meditation it is said Tibetan Turquoise is able to connect easily to whichever deity you are invoking.

This precious stone, being a stone of truth and wholeness encourages you to see your whole self. The good, the bad and the ugly, your past mistakes, qualities you may love or hate and acts like a friend who reminds you, when you need it most, that all your qualities and experiences have made you who you are today, it teaches you to embrace and love yourself completely.

Judy Hall advises ‘Tibetan Turquoise is especially useful for healing throat chakra blockages and suppressed self-expression back down to the ancestral line until the source is cleared’.

Turquoise is connected to water energy and can be placed anywhere in your home where you would like to bring in this element.

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December 08, 2019 — Happy Motives

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