Citrine is known to be powered by the sun, which space or person couldn’t do with a bit of Sun?  Citrine is warm, energising and all things wonderful, there is no place for any negativity around it.  Unlike other crystals which absorb and hold negativity, the Citrine evaporates negative energy from its surroundings  

This sunny stone will help neutralize those negative thoughts and feelings into rays of positivity, opening you up to accept the joys in life it raises your confidence and self-worth. The Citrine will fill you with optimism, open you up to new experiences, bring in new opportunities, people and energy.  It will encourage you to take action with courage when needed and help you to accept all that is good.

The Citrine whilst bringing all the happy will aid in helping you to let go of deep-rooted fears and soothe your anxiety.  The Citrine does wonders for people who are sensitive to criticism and is known to smooth over disagreements between groups and family.  I mean when the sun comes out everything seems brighter.

The Citrine is the finest crystal to use for manifesting, it teaches you how to manifest and nurtures the transformation of all your dreams and intentions bringing them to life.  When you are feeling joyous and optimistic you are able to start visualising what you desire rather than what you do not want, which is the first key to the power of attraction.  The properties of the Citrine help you unblock your creativity and sparks your imagination.  Having a Citrine with you will attract bliss, love, happiness and wealth. It will have you living the way we all should, in complete utter happiness.  Being part of the Quartz family, Citrine has strong amplifying abilities and will power up those affirmations and intentions.  

Known as ‘The Merchants Stone’, the Citrine attracts new wealth, but most importantly helps you to hold onto your existing wealth, keeping a Citrine in your wallet or purse will guard your pounds.  Keeping a Citrine in the wealth corner of your home will attract abundance, when wearing the Citrine you will benefit from its energies all day long and will work as an armour against the blues, negativity and ill-wishers.  Citrine is amazing to use in grids and healing layouts also.

Citrine can cleanse all your chakras, however it works remarkably well with the Crown, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra.  The Citrine activates the Crown Chakra and this is the source of your own spirituality and beliefs. When these chakras are aligned and energised the tools you need to manifest your intentions and goals will be drawn to you.  The Citrine will help clear the murky mind and stimulate the soul into action. 

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October 26, 2019 — Happy Motives

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