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No home or crystal collection is complete without an Amethyst.  It is truly a remarkable crystal.  Bringing serenity into your environment, with its seductive purple hues you will feel as though you are floating on a cloud.  I kid you not, whilst writing about the beauty of Amethyst I have surrounded myself with our Amethyst collection and I feel high as a kite, I am having to step out of the room every so often to bring myself back to earth.

Amethyst is known for its soothing vibrations, turning any environment into a 5-star spa. It helps with meditation, spiritual awareness, intuition, sleepy time, addictions, anxiety, emotional stress, peace and is known to enhance users with their careers.

Now you may be wondering how one crystal can tackle all this, well let me explain, when programmed correctly the Amethyst helps you to listen to your gut feeling, which in turn empowers you.  Learning to trust your instincts is a power which takes time but with patience and your Amethyst you will be able to become more focused and in control. The Amethyst will teach you to trust in yourself, when you start listening to your intuition you will be able to make better decisions and doing what is good for yourself.

The Amethyst helps you connect to your intuition by helping to open your third eye chakra which in turn helps with spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom promoting a higher state of consciousness. Whilst meditating the main aim of the game is to still the mind which the Amethyst helps with.  When your mind is still and you are in a state of calmness you can hear your intuition and connect with your inner self, allowing your thoughts to flow freely and start hearing your inner guides.  When meditating some like to travel, the Amethyst helps with out of body experiences.  It has such strong cleansing abilities and helps with cleansing your aura and connecting with the divine.

Amethyst brings tranquillity into your home, you will notice Amethyst in spas and beauty salons.  The Amethyst creates peace and calmness in your environment, it zaps any negative vibes and puts out positive vibes.
Now as the stone brings peace, clarity and serenity it naturally works great if you suffer from insomnia.  Perfect to keep under your pillow or near your bed the Amethyst will calm your mind, help you let go of your worries and anxiety so soothing you into a good night’s sleep.  Not only will it help with a great night sleep it will also help you to remember your dreams.

Traditionally the Amethyst was worn to help with drunkenness and help with addictions.  Ancient Greeks would drink from Amethyst cups as they believed it would keep them from getting drunk.   Amethyst gets its name from the ancient Greek word Amethystos, when translated it means 'not intoxicated'.  So, if you are looking to overcome an addiction and need a little friend with you to help, take an Amethyst wherever you go and it surely help.

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October 26, 2019 — Happy Motives

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