Stone Of Truth * Stone Of Logic * Encourage Harmony And Trust Within Others * Calm Panic Attacks * Enhance Self Trust & Intuition

The energies of the Sodalite will have you reaching for the life you want by enhancing your intuition, it will give you the ability to trust yourself and have you living in your truth.  All we have is ourselves and our intuition (or as some like to call it our sixth sense) and this is what protects us and leads us to where we need to go, the Sodalite carries the energies to enhance these qualities.

Wearing Sodalite or keeping it in your aura all day will promote clarity, clear thinking and help you to communicate your thoughts flawlessly.  The Sodalite works to calm the mind, help eliminate self-doubt, break down old negative thought forms and makes room for new information to be absorbed.

Sodalite works closely with your throat chakra, this blue beauty will give you the 'think before you speak' power allowing you to communicate clearly.  It will enable you to speak your truth and stand up for yourself, hence why it is known as the stone of truth. If you are a sensitive type and have fears about letting the world see you for who you are, the Sodalite will help you to let go of fears which hold you back and bring all your qualities to the surface enabling you to be who you truly are.  Once you start working closely with the Sodalite it will bring out your self-worth and self-esteem.

This Blue wonder also works well with the third eye chakra, this is where our perception and consciousness sits.  Once the third eye chakra is balanced by the Sodalite you will be able to see clearly with clarity and will be open to new ideas and a new way of thinking.  The Sodalite opens spiritual intuition and when used with the third eye chakra it will help to bring information from your higher self down to the physical self.  Judy Hall, renowned world crystal expert teaches us that when we are in a ‘Sodalite-Enhanced Meditation’ the mind can be used to understand the circumstances in which we find ourselves in.

Not only does this amazing blue crystal carry all the above properties but it is known to bring harmony within groups of people.  Whether you are having trouble with workmates, friends or family reach for your Sodalite, place it within the gathering and places of conflict and let its blue energies radiate to bring harmony, trust and unity back within your people.

A Sodalite can be the perfect addition to your home or workspace.  Keeping one on your desk will keep the energies of the Sodalite radiating in your space, promoting clarity, helping to make decisions, assisting with clear writing and communication.  If you place one in your family room, meeting room, or a place where lots of people gather, the Sodalite will radiate harmony, trust and unity with the group. 

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November 06, 2019 — Happy Motives

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