Grounding * Antidepressant * Protection * Root Chakra 

Smoky Quartz is highly protective, detoxifying and one of the fundamental grounding stones.  It eases depression, suicidal thoughts and shields against electromagnetic and environmental stress.  When a stone comes with all these qualities it is highly recommended keeping the Smoky Quartz within your aura all the time.

It seems the Smoky Quartz was created by mother nature to cleanse, activate and protect your root and earth chakra.  It will help you get grounded and reconnect to the earth, all the while cleansing and purifying your root chakra and pushing out imbalances back into Mother Earth where they will dissolve naturally.  When your root chakra is in balance wonderful things start to happen, you will feel grounded and connected and find stability, your physical body will get stronger (If the root chakra is blocked it can lead to sickness), you will find your place in the world and your desire to live will strength whilst your trust in the universe will become stronger.

When used in healing layouts place the smoky quartz near / on your root chakra or below your feet and let the energies work their magic allowing the stone to suck out the negatives.  Alternatively place it between the upper and lower chakras allowing the stone to pull negatives from the upper chakras to the lower chakras and back into the earth, your entire aura will feel as it is full of light.  Holding one stone in each hand whilst grounding or meditating will come with immense results as it will prevent against psychic attack, enable movement between alpha and beta brainwaves and helps to raise your vibes whilst in meditation.  Another great use for the Smoky Quartz, if any part of your body feels uneasy place the stone on that area and feel it zap out the imbalance.

Smoky Quartz can recognise environmental stress, it will absorb electromagnetic fog and cleanse the air.  A great stone to keep near your electrics.  Due to its abilities to cleanse the environment and electromagnetics it would be a great gift to give someone who may be undergoing chemotherapy or has to be around machines all day long

If you are prone to depression, suicidal thoughts or stress keep your Smoky Quartz near.  It will help to bring some peace and uplift you by helping to break down and dissolve these negative emotions and replacing it with some happy frequencies.  Smoky Quartz is one to help you let go of what no longer serves you and if you have a past you need to let go of Smoky Quartz will aid and bring clarity to what you need to do to make this happen.  

Keep in mind your Smoky Quartz works hard at absorbing vast amounts of negatives, imbalances, electromagnetic and emotional stress.  You must look after this stone and give it some love back by cleansing it regularly so it can work to its full potential.  This beauty will not just absorb the nasties it will replace with loving vibes.

Remember the Smoky Quartz is an immediate family member of the Quartz therefore its amplifying and manifestation abilities are just as strong.  This stone can be programmed just like the Quartz.

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November 14, 2019 — Happy Motives

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