Brings Clarity * Opens Crown & Higher Chakras * Bring Peace & Tranquillity * Prevention From External Influences Affecting Mind & Space * Clear Aura * Cleanse & Charge Crystals * Fertility & Pregnancy Stone * Assists With Meditation And Spiritual Work

Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.  Like the moon Selenite shines a bright light into any space it resides in, bringing profound peace into its environment.  A home is not complete without some Selenite.  Not only does it bring peace and positive energy to its space but its amazing properties are also able to clear your aura, provide mental clarity, activate your higher chakras and assist you completely in your spiritual journey.

What will a Selenite do for my space?

Bringing Selenite home will protect your scared space from outside influences and bring profound peace.  Many use Selenite to form a protective grid by placing pieces inside the corners of their home to ensure undesirables do not get into their space making it safe and peaceful.  This white goddess of a stone radiates its energies into your environment by dispelling any stagnant negative energy and radiating soothing vibes, bringing positive and radiant energy into your space.  Place a Selenite in your living area, sacred space or bedroom and allow the peaceful energies to wash through your space 

What does a Selenite do for me mentally?

This White Goddess provides mental clarity, clears up any confusion and allows you to see what is superficial giving the ability to see the bigger picture of any problem.  Selenite also promotes memory. 

How will I benefit from Selenite Spiritually?

Having it with you during meditation can facilitate a wonderful connection with your spirit guides, guardians, the angelic realm and open you up to your higher self.  This white wonder helps you access your past and future lives.  Gently stroking or placing the Selenite on your higher chakras whilst meditating will instil the peace and stillness you need whilst meditating.

What does it do for my higher Chakras?

The Selenite is known to assist in opening, clearing and activating the crown and higher chakras.  The higher chakras control how you think and see the world.  The Crown Chakra is the source of your spirituality and belief.  When balanced you will be able to understand your soul purpose and connect to your spiritual self.

What does the Selenite do for my Aura?

It energetically cleanses you, removes anything within your aura that should not be there, detaches entities and external thought forms from influencing your mind. 

You may have seen Selenite wands in every crystal lover’s collection and there is a reason why.  Using a wand on your aura is similar to brushing your hair and getting the knots out.  After brushing your hair it is left silky smooth, shiny and neat, using a Selenite wand to brush down your aura leaves you with the same feeling. Running the wand over your aura will energetically cleanse you, detach entities and external thought forms from influencing your mind.  Honestly give it a try and feel the pure vibrations of the Selenite clear you.  Theses wands are also good to use in healing body layouts and building energy grids in your home.

What does the Selenite do for my other Crystals and Jewellery?

Selenite holds cleansing abilities.  I keep a slab on my bedside table and when I remove my jewellery and crystals I have been wearing throughout the day I leave them on the slab to be cleansed of nasties they may have picked up during the day.  The Selenite slab is a like a quick cleanse, keeping them clear in-between there main cleanse when you smudge and bath them in moonlight, sunlight and cleansing essences.

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November 23, 2019 — Happy Motives

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