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I truly believe the Clear Quartz is the mother of all stones, it is commonly known as the Master Of Stones and the Stone Of Power and rightly so.  If you want a truly dynamic crystal collection make sure you have Clear Quartz.  Find the perfect one, bring it home, treat it right and it will not only become your best friend but will buddy with every other crystal you have.  If you want to amplify other crystal energies place your Clear Quartz with it.  Honestly it truly is everyone’s best friend meaning it works wonders in grids.

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing stone, it amplifies intentions, other crystal energies, protects against negativity, connects you to your higher self and works great on all chakras especially with the crown chakra (where would you be without your head).  Once you start working with the Clear Quartz you will wonder what you did without it.

Clear Quartz can help energy blockages within all chakras and help align them, the crown chakra seems to benefit most from the Clear Quartz.  The crown chakra is located at the top of our head, if this chakra is in balance we are in balance.  It will give you a clear head providing clarity and expand your consciousness, connecting you to the source of your spirituality. 

The Clear Quartz is most commonly used to amplify your intentions and energies.  Once you have programmed your Clear Quartz it will put out your intentions into the universe throughout the day.  It is the ultimate tool to use for manifesting your heart's desires.  Spiritual healers and clairvoyants use this stone often due to its capabilities of amplifying energies, for example, psychics use Clear Quartz crystal balls as it heightens their natural clairvoyant abilities.

Programming the Clear Quartz is so much fun and a practice that should be done whenever you get the chance, it will do wonders for your manifestation rituals.  Hold the Clear Quartz in your palm and focus on your intention.  Once you have a clear vision of your intention repeat the intention as many times as you feel is right then place your programmed crystal where it will be safe.  I personally like to write my intention on a piece of paper and place the Clear Quartz on top of it.  Once you have programmed your crystal the clear quartz will hold and amplify your intentions, manifesting them out to the universe. 

An ideal place for Clear Quartz is on a windowsill, they will take the light and energy from the sun and moon and diffuse it throughout your room. Let the pure white light of your Clear Quartz radiate and neutralize any icky vibes from your space.

Remember with great power comes great responsibility.  Once you have programmed your clear quartz with either your intentions, energies, prayers, or programmed it to clear your space you must remember to cleanse the stone regularly, it is highly receptive and can pick up nasties which you of course do not want to be radiated or amplified.

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October 26, 2019 — Happy Motives

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