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Green Aventurine is known to be one of the luckiest stones you can have, it is commonly referred to as the ‘stone of opportunity’ and helps to manifest wealth, prosperity and all things wonderful.
When you carry the energies of Green Aventurine it is like you have the spirit of Lady Luck with you.  It brings great prospects to all circumstances, are you trying to land that promotion, going to Vegas, looking to start a new venture, going on a first date? If so keep the energies of the Green Aventurine near and let it work its magic.

Part of the Quartz family, this marvellous beauty also contains strong amplifying abilities, its stunning green colour assists in balancing, aligning and protecting the heart chakra.

Known to dispel and replace negative, self-destructive traits, ease anxiety, anger and irritability with positivity, joy and optimism enabling you will sail through your day.  This blessed stone helps to align you with tools and places you in situations which will take you to where you want to go, it helps you to let go of anything that maybe holding you back.  With this you will have no other option apart from noticing all possibilities and opportunities life has to offer.  Green Aventurine will help you to live in the moment and become more mindful, it will show you the best of what life has to offer, attracting and aligning you with all your heart desires.

The Green Aventurine not only brings an optimistic outlook in difficult situations but it also promotes all-round emotional well-being.  You will be no wallflower when you make the most of the properties the Green Aventurine holds.  It will awaken your natural abilities which may be dormant and help you notice doors to your dreams that you may have been unable to see before.  Helping you to raise your awareness, awaken your motivation and if you are one who finds it hard to make a decision, the Green Aventurine will bring out your leadership qualities and give you the boost to make those all-important decisions with certainty and help you follow through with them even when times get hard.

Green Aventurine is a strong earth stone, it will help to clear environmental disturbances and is a great stone to keep with you to clear electromagnetic fog.  Keep it near your cell phone or electrical equipment so you can ensure these unnatural frequencies don’t disturb your energy field.

This green charm is also known to aid in fertility, keep it near to you when you are ovulating or use in healing body layouts. 

Bring the Green Aventurine home allowing it to help you to regain your confidence, let go of those self-sabotaging traits and bring in the joy and happiness we all deserve, especially you.

If you want your intentions to manifest faster write them on a piece of paper, programme your Green Aventurine and place it on top of the paper and start noticing how the universe starts aligning you with what you need to do to bring your intentions to their happy conclusion. Another great trick is taping one to your phone not only will you ensure you have it with you all day but it will also dissolve any electromagnetic fog from disturbing your energy field.

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November 15, 2019 — Happy Motives

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