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This is one of my favourite stones, its strong glimmering golden and brown shades combine the protective energies of the earth and the sun making it a high vibrational stone.  Not only does the Tiger Eye look remarkable but it also has remarkable energies.  Tiger Eye is known to bring happiness, optimism, abundance, good luck and prosperity to the wearer and helps manifest intents.

Known as the stone of protection, traditionally Tiger Eye was carried as a talisman to protect the wearer from the evil eye, bad luck, ill-wishers, curses and negative intentions of outsiders.  Many other protective stones absorb the negative energy however the Tiger Eye sends the energy back to the sender keeping you safe from harm.

The Tiger Eye is a stone that has strong links to prosperity, bringing your manifestations to life, bringing success in your career and is a brilliant stone to have with you when you find yourself in unfamiliar circumstances.  Tiger Eye helps you to look at situations from different angles, it helps bring together scattered thoughts to provide clarity and calm.  It will help resolve internal dilemmas and conflicts by encouraging you to trust and use your power while helping you to remain on the path of integrity. 

Life comes with its knock backs, some journeys are harder than others and what comes easy to some may not come easy to you. The Tiger Eye will help you through these hard times by keeping you optimistic and work as a constant reminder that it only takes one yes, with hard work and perseverance your goals will come to fruition and your path will get easier. 

Tiger Eye is known to help to enhance your observation skills which will make you pay more attention to little details especially in chaotic circumstances and when you need to make quick decisions. 

Tiger Eye not only works with your Third Eye Chakra but also your lower chakras.  When used with the Third Eye it is known to enhance psychic abilities, increase your intuition, help gain clarity and be more vigilant and observant.  By stimulating your Root Chakra the Tiger Eye will help you remain grounded and energised helping you regain your own power. If the root chakra is blocked you will lack enthusiasm and feel sluggish.   The Solar Plexus Chakra is where your willpower, confidence, and courage sit. The Sacral Chakra is connected to your emotional well-being, your abilities to manifest, your creativity and how you handle your immediate environment.  When these chakras are functioning well imagine how you would operate, how you will handle situations, how your goals will be easily reached and watch your confidence skyrocket, whilst your intentions start manifesting with ease! 

The Tiger Eye boosts will power and energy levels helping to support and heal addictive personalities, help with mental diseases and personality disorders.  Tiger Eye also helps ease depressive states, encourages optimism and lifts moods.  If you are prone to self-criticism or have issues with self -worth then Tiger Eye will help you to overcome these self-destructive traits.   

Meditating with a Tiger Eye will heighten your intuition, it will help balance yin and yang energies and stimulate the rise of your kundalini energy. 

If you use the Tiger Eye in a healing layout try placing the Tiger Eye on either side of your head, it is known to rebalance the brain's hemispheres. 

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October 26, 2019 — Happy Motives

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